1, "Babylon Manor" plant factory, joining conditions, requirements:
1) I agree with the brand positioning of “Miki”-“Babylon Manor” and the cooperation policy of “plant factory”。
2) Have more than 2 years of social work experience, have a certain sales and service team, and have good regional market development capabilities.
3) Have good reputation, personal reputation and comprehensive quality; have certain capital operation strength and market control ability.
4) County-level regional franchisees and municipal city operators need to have office space;
5) Provincial city service providers, Beijing-Shanghai core franchisees, on the basis of office space, there must be sales teams, distribution vehicles and so on.
2, "Babylon Manor" plant factory, joining process:
1) Cooperative consultation: If you are interested, please use "telephone, WeChat, online message" to consult cooperation matters.
2) Field visits: Both sides of the intentional cooperation can conduct field visits and exchanges with each other.
3) Investment application: fill in the “Miki-Cooperation Letter of Intent”; both parties will provide corresponding certificates and materials for review and confirmation of qualifications.
4) Signing the contract: After confirming the “cooperation area”, both parties formally sign the “Cooperation Agreement” (the cooperation funds are in place)。
5) Start cooperation: issue a brand authorization or cooperation certificate; establish a model room: Meiji Electric cooperates with the partner, establishes a matching model room, and the partner begins to operate the market.
6) After-sales service: After the cooperation between the two parties, Meiji Electric shall provide the information of the products in real time, and provide training and sales cooperation on a regular basis。
3, "Babylon Manor" plant factory, cooperation mode:
1. Operation mode: flat market model. which is:
A, channel: manufacturers → partners → consumers.
B. Engineering: Manufacturer → Partner → Consumer.
Minimize the intermediate links and make every partner easy to achieve profitability。
2. Price policy: unified market retail price
The price policy of Meiji Electric: The country adopts a unified market sales price and sells it externally.
Strictly control the price system to ensure a reasonable profit margin for the “Partners” at all levels.
3。 Cooperation mode: Each region adopts an exclusive cooperative operation mode。
County-level regional franchisees: exclusive operating cooperation model
Municipal city operators: exclusive operating cooperation model
Provincial City Service Providers (including Handan, Tianjin, Shenzhen): Exclusive Operation Cooperation Mode
Beijing-Shanghai core franchisee: exclusive operation cooperation mode