1。 "Babylon Manor" plant factory, market strategy
(1) Precise positioning:
"Plant factory" professional R & D, production, manufacturer!
(2) Mainly in the domestic market:
Integrate and utilize government relations, strengthen industry cooperation; introduce and promote scientific research units and relevant agricultural departments; participate in industry associations, join hands with agricultural enterprises and socialites who love and support the three rural areas, and go deep into the market and focus on core customers.
(3) Preparing for the international market:
Make full use of network marketing and make good use of e-commerce platform;
Strengthen exhibition marketing, select suitable media, and fully expand the European and American markets。
(4) Combined marketing:
1) Create value and accurately target customers;
2) Synchronization: the US, Japan, Israel, the Netherlands and Taiwan markets;
3) National investment: the formation of a nationwide market pipeline and network;
4) Establish experimental bases and production and research bases independently or in cooperation;
5) Investigate and study foreign and domestic advanced experience, and leverage cooperation: form an industry atmosphere of open learning and mutual learning。
2, "Babylon Manor" plant factory, brand oriented
A。 Customer benefits are the highest principle;
B. Quality and service are the life of the company
C. Strive to become an industry standard planner
D. Building a plant factory World brand