In the history of the Babylonian Kingdom, for thousands of years, about the "sky garden", there has been a beautiful and moving legend: King Nebuchadnezzar II of New Babylon (605 BC - 562 BC) married the Princess of the Midi Kingdom, Amien Edis, as the queen; the princess was beautiful and won the favor of the king.
The princess fell in love with her hometown and became more and more accommodating; Nebuchadnezzar ordered the craftsman to build a layered terraced garden in his palace for the beloved woman, according to the scenery of the mountainous area. Flowers and grass, and opened a quiet mountain trail in the garden, next to the small road is the turbulent water; the craftsmen also built a tower in the center of the garden, standing in the air, planting a variety of flowers and trees, as if looking at the garden In mid-air, it was named "sky garden".

As the history of the river, quietly through the poetic legend, "Babylon Manor" came into being in the distant East; she is known as the "green, safe, healthy, fresh" mission, from the legend into reality!
We. Babylon Manor.
Faced with a rare historical opportunity for “rural rejuvenation”, in the development journey of eco-agriculture and smart agriculture, as the practitioner and advocate of “plant factory” development, the future of “Babylon Manor” will be even better and more brilliant!
The people take food for the day and eat fresh for the first time。
Green. Health. Safety. Ffresh.

These four main points are: our core requirements for ingredients, and the specific pursuit we strive for。
When the wheel of the era carries us through the rivers of the years; when China’s reform and opening up, after more than 40 years of development, people yearning for green ingredients, the pursuit of healthy ingredients, and concerns about safe ingredients. And the desire for fresh ingredients; more and more specific, more and more intense.

Babylon Manor: We will use technology to create the Ark that carries our dreams。 We will be immersed in the tide of the times with the reputation and identity of the “plant factory”; we will provide greenhouse plants and roof terraces for our valued customers and family。 , family intelligence and other aspects of the entire set of solutions, in order to provide professional, growers, family growers, the production, planting of "green, safe, healthy, fresh" fruit, vegetables, medicine and food plants Equipment and services such as ingredients。
We. Babylon Manor.
Facing the new era and new needs, we are determined to make a difference!