Exploring what the plant factory in the rumor is - the farmer's plant factory

date:2019-02-19 click:32

The plant factory is simply a large-scale production of vegetables in a temperature- and humidity-controlled room。 It is an efficient agricultural system that achieves continuous crop production through high-precision environmental control in the facility。 It is a computer-to-crop breeding process。 New production methods that automatically control environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, light, CO2 concentration, and nutrient solution, are not subject to or rarely subject to natural conditions。 Compared with traditional vegetable cultivation, vegetable factories use more intelligent technology, use computer systems to control temperature and humidity, etc。, through hydroponic or aerosol cultivation, to achieve comprehensive monitoring of vegetable production, just like industrial Like the production workshop, production is standardized and programmed。

Providing illumination through LED tubes to meet the demand for illumination in vegetable production, no longer being affected by the external environment, achieving controllability throughout the growing season, and annual production.
Plant factories have been developed and applied in many foreign agricultural technology countries for many years。 For example, Germany, the United States, Israel, the Netherlands and other countries have their own advantages and characteristics。

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