CEO of Zalemark Holdings is visiting Meiji Electric now

date:2019-05-24 click:55

Mr. Robert Xu meets Mr. Fuxing Fan, the CEO of Meiji Electric and his team in Dongguan , Guandong province. Mr. Xu has a great tour in Meiji ‘s Babylonia Green Farm and the Green Plants.

Xu said, “Meiji is a leading Agriculture Intelligence Company in China and this visit will potentially impact ZMRK and it's future。

Meiji Electronic (About)
Meiji, is a leading Agricultural Industrialization Company, located in Dongguan City, Gongdong Province. They currently develop, design, and provide Agricultural Lighting Equipment to the Farming Industry. This equipment is used for both Indoor and Outdoor Commercial Farming.

Meiji Electric, operates as an entirely “Green Plants Equipment” provider. Meiji has successfully created Babylonia Green Farm with independent intellectual property, including Green Plants Series, and Family Greenhouse Series.

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